Vacation all I ever Wanted

We will not be going to Hawaii this year. After a 2 hour phone conversation and a large amount of “points” we were scheduled to go to Hawaii. After our airlines went bankrupt and the tickets tripled in price, we will not be going to Hawaii.

I was 18 when I first visited Hawaii. Our senior class went together, with very few chaperons, the drinking age of 18, and freedom from high school and parents. I could not fully afford the trip, so I worked a second job at Mobil Gas. I stood for hours in a box while folks of every size and shape slapped down cash or credit cards, telling me their pump number so that I could key in the necessary amount, and click on the gas pump. Riveting.

The money was good from what I remember. I had to take off a week of work in order to go on the trip, so I trained my mother to work the cash register, and she worked for me while I went to Hawaii. That is crazy. What the owner?

Hawaii isn’t going anywhere. Eventually, the prices will decrease, the months will pass, the economy will settle down, and we will visit Hawaii. We have beautiful beaches 20 miles from here, and endless ways of meeting the needs of four children on summer break. I just may have to work two jobs in order to pay for all of the activities, but at least it will be cheaper than flying to Hawaii.


Sarah Markley said…
I am SOOO sorry. what a bummer.
Mel said…
So sad.

But be of good cheer. I've never been to Hawaii. That's sad, too.