I'm curious about the obsession with skulls. They come in all shapes and sizes, are dressed, naked, wearing bows, have flame hair, scary, friendly, bloody, and cover the gamut of expressions.

When I was growing up the only skulls we saw were on bottles of poison. A skull and cross bones represented danger. Halloween was also a time when skulls were apparent. They put the scare in scary and often dangled from the door jam of homes or sat still on the porches.

Skulls are not just for Halloween or poison anymore. They are on decals, clothing, hats, shoes, beach towels, and coffee mugs. Next they will shaped into fun flavored fruit snacks or introduced as a first food for babies.

I am not a fan of skulls. My children do not wear skulls. Everyone has their own opinion about skulls. I am also not a fan of raw tomatoes, avocado, and mayonnaise, in case you were wondering.

According to Wikipedia, they area more likely a symbol for death and evil. However, in some countries they represent life or neoteny (that is a big scientific word).

Death is not a frightening thing for me - my destiny is heaven. However, we'll stick to beach towels with stripes, baseball hats, and plain shirts and shoes, and save the skulls for the bottles of poison and dusty graves.


Sarah Markley said…
i agree. i don't like them on everything!
Cheri said…
Amen sister! I've never understood the skull craze. Unless we're playing Pirates of the Carribean, we have no use for them either.
catalina said…
Thanks for your entry on skulls. They are the symbol of death and now disguised with bows and put on everything from shoes to swim trunks, I choose the brighter things in life. I too will stick to baseballs, butterflies, and things that represent being alive.

Linda said…
Ohmygosh, you are the first mom I've noticed addressing this. Skulls are all over Kohl's girls' clothing? What IS the deal??