Hot Blanket

My daughter had her blanket which is now in shreds, shoved in the top of her closet. My oldest son had his binky. He held that passie close by until the age of three, when he gained a big boy bed and was asked to give up his pacifier. My next boy had his bottle. I think he would still lay on our denim blue couch and suck down his milk through a bottle, given the opportunity. My youngest has a blankie - Blanketie. It is thread bare, and falling apart, passed down from my biggest mister, it is now almost 12 years old.

He is very particular about the temperature of his blanket. If someone accidentally sits on top of it for any length of time, he will complain that we made it hot. If Blanketie ends up outside, again, it is too hot for snuggling.

He has been known to put his blanket in the freezer to cool it down. Especially during the hotter months, this is a necessity. He oohs and ahhs over it's fresh, cold, feeling, and the bigger kids follow suit by sticking their pillows inside the freezer for a cool blast of air.

Since growing up without central air conditioning, I remember putting my pillow outside to make it cold. It would have never fit inside our small freezer. Falling asleep on hot nights was always easier when my pillow was cold. I get the whole hot blanket thing.

To help us stay cool, my parents also put a box fan in the window facing the outside. I could never understand how the fan was supposed to cool down the house when it was facing the outside. They claimed some scientific excuse, and I bought into the idea. My dad grew up in Missouri, so along with salting his watermelon, I chalked the idea up to a weird Missouri thing.

Last night we could not find Blanketie. My five year old cannot sleep without his trusty companion, Blanketie. We searched everywhere, including the car and backyard. Finally he leaped from his bed and ran to the kitchen. I heard the freezer door open as he shouted, "Now I remember. Here he is!" Blanketie was safely tucked inside the freezer, avoiding "hot blanket" syndrome.


Lisa Diederichs said…
This story makes my heart smile.

I love comforts, and everyone can relate.

I still have my blankie and actually slept with it THROUGHOUT college!

I didn't give it up until I got married. I realize this is a bit odd.

But it's my truth. My blankie truth.

Sheila said…
My daughter is so into her blankie! My older daughter had one until she turned 10, and then she traded it in for a bunny that sleeps under her head!

It's easy to get annoyed with them when they can't find their blankies and it's bedtime and you just want to get to sleep, but kids just can't sleep without them, any more than we could sleep without our pillows.

I wonder how they eventually train themselves out of it?

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Denise said…
Noah has hia "tiggy", Emilie has her "kiki", and Josie has her "dede" (all blankets). Emilie claims that hers has a smell, she rubs it under her nose (she always has). And me i have.. my salted watermelon! :-)

my hubby also makes us put fans in the windows, backwards. i do not understand his reasoning, and i do not argue, though it's odd, and i too do not understand the scientific reasoning...whatever, i got air conditioning!
Sarah Markley said…
i have a blanktie of my own. maybe i will post on it sometime soon.

glad he found it.
That is the cutest story ever....yet I TOTALLY relate! I have to keep turning my pillow to find the cold side, it drives my husband crazy! WHO CAN SLEEP ON A HOT PILLOW?! My husband still does the fan thing...we have air conditioning, it's that 7th kid "cheap" thing!
Brad Huebert said…
So the blankie is a "he," is he?

I still have a blanket my family used to have picnics on. I'll never let that thing go.

For me, it's hot feet. Can't sleep with warm feet. They need to be cool. I usually stick e'm out the end of the bed for climate control.