Oh Goodie

I want to scold the person who thought that adding goodie bags to a birthday party was a good idea. Thankfully, by the time kids get to be teenagers, goodie bags are obsolete.

The mini deck of cards, squishy ball, and fashion sunglasses, typically get broken, misplaced in a nearby round container, or find their way to a catch all toy bin sucked into a never land, and forgotten about within hours.

My son went to a 12 year old birthday party where all of the items in his bag were embellished with Hannah Montana's photo. Even though it was a fun joke, I had trouble deciding what to do with the Hannah Montana magnet, notepad, and button.

Since I am still in the midst of birthday parties for younger folk, I find the goodie bag necessary and expected. I refuse to purchase cheep toys that will disappear and stick to loading the bags with sugar laden snacks. In addition to fruit snacks, Mike and Ikes, suckers, and Nerds candies, I tossed in a party popper. Party poppers are shaped like a bottle and have a small string hanging from the bottom. When the string is pulled, and "bang" is heard, confetti string falls out of the bottom. This probably wasn't the best choice for a five year old party, however, I knew that it wouldn't get tossed, broken, chewed by the dog, or demolished.

I'm sure that I will get some interesting looks from parents when they open the bags and see all the candy and poppers, but I have greater things to worry about, one of those being keeping three children engaged in their academics for the next four days. Perhaps I should give my children a party popper every time they finish an assignment. That just may help.


4 DAYS!!! LUCKY! We have till the 18th! I am SO over this whole school thing, I need my kids home to do chores, unpacking, fighting, eating EVERYTHING laced in sugar...ahh summer is almost here!