Oh My Guy!

My friend from Georgia says, "Y'all" like y'all the time. I asked her if she ever says, "witcha didja" and admittedly she does. ["you didn't bring your laptop witcha didja?"]

I grew up using the word, "guy" all the time. "Let's go guys! Where were you guys? Guy! (as in "shoot" or "shucks") and Hey Guys!" are a few of my most popular phrases.

I also prefer "holy cow" and "goodness" sprinkled in with other words that usually remain tucked beneath my breath, in a whisper.

It is also a requirement that if you are from So. Cal you have to use the words, "awesome," "totally," and "heinous." (We had a totally awesome day at the beach, even though I got a totally heinous sunburn.)

I don't make the rules, I just do what I'm told. Guy!


JenD said…
Saw your site from another blogs fav from another blog fav and then another blogs fav. So I finally got here and you are funny! Why are all the good blog writers form California? Maybe it is the weather?.....
Erin said…
When I moved to Texas from Arizona I got made fun of all the time for using "guy" instead of "yall"