Now Hiring

'Tis the season for young high school and college students to find summer jobs. I know this because I have seen them waiting for the manager to conduct their interviews, filling out applications at the mall, and sauntering about, with applications in hand.

I remember when filling in the blank spots on an application was simple. Typically I used a ball point pen, and white out covered any known mistakes. Now days, for adult jobs, you need a masters degree, and the computer savvy skills of a "Geek Squad" employee in order to complete the application process. Everything, in the professional realm, is done on the computer.

I have been a little surprised to see the attire teen gals are sporting when asking for an application or waiting for an interview. It appears that cleavage is a must, and low waisted pants exposing the tip-o-the-crack is normal. One girl I noticed had on flip flops, jeans that were too short, and a t-shirt that read, "Love makes the world a better place." Hmmm. How about a shirt which reads, "Dressing appropriately for a job interview makes for a better chance at a job" Okay, that is on the wordy side, but you get the picture.

My best guess for the under-dressing of teens would either be that they don't know any better, or they don't care. Perhaps there should be class in high school titled, "How to dress appropriately for a job interview" in addition to the wood shop and ceramics choices.

[buckle up for a bad segue]

I took wood shop. There were cute guys, and I needed the credits. I made a box, out of wood.

[now, back to the subject]

If there are any teenagers out in blogland who need help putting together a good interview outfit, text me, because... i cn help u! ;)