Baseball vs. Boy

Final score:

In his attempt to steal second base, he ran back to first, slid to the ground on his chest reaching for the base, the catcher threw the ball low and it landed on someones face. Guess who's?


Annie said…
Oh. My. Gosh. Poor man! Tell him that he totally looks like a CHAMP though. The ladies love a black eye. It's scientifically proven.
Sarah Markley said…
so sorry! ugh.

btw, haven't read your article internet connection is horrible. it is so hit or miss. but i am so proud of you! great job, Linda!
Eve said…
OUCH!! Was he safe? :)
Brad Huebert said…
Ooooh. Take one for the team, huh?

BTW, I read your MOPS article. Great job, girl!