Today is the first official day of summer. School ended yesterday. My youngest mister graduated from pre-kindergarten and will enter Jr. kindergarten. My middle mister finished kindergarten and will enter the first grade. My big mister will be in sixth grade next year, and my daughter, after 10 years at the same school, has graduated from the 8th grade.

The day could not have been crazier unless I had a few additional children. My dear, dear, friend Annie was visiting from Georgia, who by the way, makes me laugh harder than anyone, and after trying to be three places at one time I failed. I missed the kindergarten awards. Maybe I was in the quad area talking, maybe. I had to leave early from the preschool program, and when my fifth grader saw me enter his classroom, he shooed me away with his hand, "You don't need to be here, it's okay."

My daughter lounged at home anticipating her Chick-fil A lunch, and once we finally got there to meet Annie and Sarah, $28.00 later, I hit my head on the glass separating the play area from the dining area, after getting ranch dressing opened for dipping, placing mounds of ketchup out for each child and organizing napkin distribution, my youngest had to go to the bathroom. This was not the bathroom visit which takes less than a minute, and was prior to my first bite of food.

He then threw his toy in the air and it landed on a fellow diners' tray, then took the keys from my purse hoping to unlock the door inside the play area which led to the "behind the scenes" of the climbing apparatus. Notice the repeat offender? Fun stuff.

After surviving Chick-fil A, God bless Annie for hanging out with us and not crying, my daughter decided that her eyebrows needed a trim before graduation and secretly cut the hairs leaving a bald spot on one eyebrow. She attempted to tan her one arm that she deemed "too white," at 5:00 at night, and refused to let anyone see her in her dress without it being covered by the red, polyester gown. It's a good thing I only spent $11.50 on her dress at Forever 21, which closely resembled this.

Today we are doing nothing. I mean it, nothing. I have a lot of lounging to catch up on and today is the day!


Denise said…
if your daughter needs a pick me up tell her my skirt fell off at my 8th grade graduation.

what fun for you annie and sarah!

and yes! you deserve many days filled with lounging (it's all i've been doing this week, i am becoming v ery good at it).
Annie said…
I had an absolute blast. I miss you and your misters and that cute high school girl!! See you again soon I hope.