Run Amuck

What do you get when you combine running through thick mud, getting sprayed with a fire hose, stomping in knee deep mud after climbing a wooden wall, walking across a lake in neck high water, crawling up a slick muddy hill while getting sprayed with a fire hose, and swimming across pool of mud unable to stand? The Camp Pendleton Mud Run. F-U-N hug the “F”

I ventured on a one hour car ride with 9 moms and ran 6 miles in dirt, sand, and mud. Had the weather been in the 60's I would have been miserable, but it was in the mid-70's and the water was actually refreshing the mud was not. I had to throw away my shoes at the end of the race. They were caked with mud and sand. I had twigs and dirt in places where dirt and twigs don't belong.

We had to wait for our team of 5 to cross the finish line together so the run took us 1 hour and 38 minutes, not bad for a few older ladies.

People go absolutely crazy at this "fun run." There were girls with Playboy bunny ears complete with tails and hot pink shirts, there were half-naked 20-something girls, there were military folk running in full camouflage including boots, and drunk people throwing up after the first big hill. We were quite normal, dressed in matching red shirts and black shorts.

We gleefully finished off our day with some huge burritos and greasy chips and salsa. Delicious. I am tired today, but life goes on. I don't think that I am going to run again for the next month, and I am definitely avoiding all mud puddles.


Lisa Diederichs said…
another random comment, unrelated to actual post:

i love sarah's writing and her pictures are breathtaking.

i check your blog daily, and sarah's every day or so.

fun to read and keep up with both of you.

Sarah Markley said…
how fun! wish i could have done it with you. especially the giant burrito part!
Brad Huebert said…
That's hilarious!

When I candidated for one youth pastor position the event was a mud bowl. I ended up just about breaking one kid's nose with my knee, and got the job anyway. Right after hosing off and cleaning up we went to be interviewed by the church council and search committee.

Long day. But awesome.