Paying Attention

I am a big fan of Jack Johnson. My husband happened upon him a few years ago and now I am hooked. One of my dreams is to go to Hawaii and see him live. He lives there and performs there often. Wouldn’t that be fun?

My kids love his music too. He inspires me. I wish that I could sing well. I can carry a tune and all, but as far as singing a solo, people would cry. I’ll stick to roller skating backwards. I can do that.

The other day I was folding clothes and listening to one of Jack Johnson’s CD’s. Since it is scratched, I never get to hear the last two songs due to the relentless skipping. Can I just say that cassette tapes never skipped? And, if the tape part happened to slip out too far, a nice eraser on the end of a pencil did the job of turning the wheel perfectly so that the tape went back to its original resting place. CD’s scratch, and skip, a lot. Bring back the cassette tape?

The song that I kept playing over and over again is a song called, Wasting Time. I love the chorus of the song. It is a constant reminder to me to mind my own business and, before I act too quickly in judging others, to take a step back and consider the “log in my own eye.”

Everybody thinks
That everybody knows
About everybody else
But nobody knows
Anything about themselves
Because they’re all worried
About everybody else

God is such a great giver of reminders. I just hope that I am always paying attention!

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Eve said…
I like that chorus to and thanks for this great post. I couldn't agree more!
Brad Huebert said…
Good reminder, Linda!