Toot! Toot!

That is the sound of my own horn tooting! Please be kind and check out my "If Only" article featured on the MOPS website.

My son just asked me if I wrote a post asking people to check out my article because I didn't have anything else to write if!! I have plenty to write about and he is on my list!

What is your "If Only?"


Denise said…
to start-
i'd like stretchmarks to be fashionable.

and i'd like my dryer to dry, fold, and put away clothes.

i'd also like to make cookies with
the kids with out needing to hose down them and the kitchen.

but i really like the idea of having teenage girls live next door to babysit for free!!!

very cute.
Katie said…
That was great!! Congrats on getting your article posted on the MOPS site!!

Amy said…
That's awesome! Good work, Linda. My "if only" would be this: one, including me, worried about size. Instead we women would look at one another and say, "What a great body! It's a gift from God AND it created life! Wow!"
Erin said…
those are awesome...I agree with every single one!