Game Show Host

Attention all six blog readers, this is not a cop out, I repeat, this is not a cop out!

I had the blessing of spending some time with a great friend from Georgia, Annie, for the last few days. In grand attempts to show her the O.C., with kids in tow, we managed through some fun times. She created a fun game called, "Name that Price, Country Girl" which I hosted.

If you are not from Southern California you can tell from the video that in addition to astronomical gas prices, our doggie treats and clothing prices are quite high. It is a good thing that I no longer have a dog, and my children do not wear skater hats with scary symbols blazed across the front. My country friend was very surprised, y'all.

Sarah and her daughter Hope start the video with a ferris wheel experience, and our funny game comes a bit later - 1:08 to be exact if you want to slide the circle to the right. I have extremely non-techie tenancies and could not upload the video directly to my blog. Ugg! Can you name that price?


Sarah Markley said…
YOU are the star, my friend.
Denise said…
that was awesome!

at least i can leave free comments.