Beef Stew

We have been dog-sitting my mother's dog for the past week. Since our dog died in November, our home has been dog-hair-free for seven months. I miss our dog terribly, yet I do not miss the shedding, or the poop piles littering our grass out back. We now have both.

Because I have enjoyed not having to wrap my children each day with a roll of masking tape before they exit the house to remove all of the pet hair stuck on to their clothes, I have informed everyone in the family that the next dog we get will either be hairless, or have genuine hair, as opposed to fur. We'll have to find some poodle mix that is actually cute.

My daughter has adopted the chore of feeding the dog in the morning when she wakes up. Of course, I have poop duty. She gets mad when I feed him. I believe it is because he seems so appreciative. The other day she announced as she plucked a can of food from the plastic bag, "Beef Stew!"

The wet food had chunks of delicious looking beef, peas, corn, and was smothered in a rich gravy. As she poured the contents into the dog's dish she commented, "If I didn't know any better..." I knew where she was going. "You would eat the dog food?" She smiled and finished her sentence, "It just looks so real."

Embarrassing as it is, I believe that the can of dog food looks better than some of the meals I have concocted over the years. My daughter has never approached our dinner table with such zeal.

Perhaps I should serve everyone "Beef Stew" tonight for dinner. I wonder if they would ever know that they were eating - dog food.

No, I would never do that, really.


hippo brigade said…
Hey dog food isn't that bad...I know, I've tried it. Okay, I know, I'm gross. It was a dare and I was in 5th grade. But it's not half bad--I'm just saying...
Sarah Markley said…
you are so funny. i miss you, friend. when are we hanging out?

wanna do golden spoon soon?
Linda said…
Funny stuff. You could totally avoid this embarrassing comparison by serving dry kibbles, which is what I do. They are none the wiser about good canned dog food.