Falling Short

I am not very good at a lot of things. One of those things happens to be crossword puzzles. I opened the Los Angeles Times Magazine just to take a gander at the crossword puzzle and I was unable to figure out the first three numbered clues. I'm just not smart like that.

One down: Item in a bucket: I guessed water, soap, and dirt. It was a three letter space. I couldn't think of anything so I went to 2 down. Lawyer's org: I had nothing. 3 down: Meditation method: Yoga, Pilates, chant? It was three letters, I failed again.

At this point I began looking through all of the clues to find out if I knew any answers to anything. Word with chase or jack: Rabbit? Infuriate: Where is my thesaurus? Didn't miss: Hit? Name for an ice cream shop: parlor?

My lack of knowledge was disappointing. I gave up quickly and read through the rest of the magazine avoiding the crossword puzzle entirely.

My mother-in-law is fantastic at crossword puzzles and even has a brand new crossword puzzle dictionary. I wouldn't know what do to with that book.

In the future I will avoid crossword puzzles and stick to word searches. I am good at doing those, and I don't need a special book to help with the answers.

In case you are curious the answers are below. If you did well with the clues please don't tell me. It will just make me feel even more like a loser.

~remember the ala mode