Thursday, June 30, 2011

She's Away

I have a special clock set up with the word "Kiev" pasted at the bottom. The time on the clock is 10 hours ahead of our time. This helps when I want to pray for my daughter Maddi while she is on a mission trip to Ukriane.

She is 10 hours away. Currently, she is on hour 8 of a 17 hour train ride to Mariupolt where she will camp out with some children for a week long camp. I pray that she is sleeping soundly amidst the noise, and heat. The train has no air conditioning and she cannot open the windows.

I am amazed at her willingness to "Go and make disciples of all nations . ."

I love that girl. She is growing up, and we are losing our grip. That part is extremely difficult.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Days

Some days I just want to pick up my yellow push button telephone and call a friend. I want my mom to drive me over to her house so that we can play a record on her new stereo and choreograph a dance routine to one of our favorite songs.

Some days I just want to fry up a batch of frozen french fries until they are golden brown and wash them down with a cold Dr. Pepper while finishing up a reading assignment for Political Science.

Some days I just want to rush to Andrea's house after sixth period to catch the current episode of General Hospital to find out if Blackie is still in trouble with the law. Andrea lived 2 minutes from school so we had time to watch General Hospital before rushing back to school for track practice.

Some days I just want to spend 2 hours in Sterling Art choosing tubes of acrylic paint and horsehair paint brushes for my next painting assignment.

Some days I just want teach a lesson to a new batch of fifth graders on their first week of school. Their fresh faces, new clothes, and eager spirits are so innocent and refreshing.

Some days I just want to go to the beach all day but get home in time to shower and get to RJ's Rib Joint for my evening shift as a waitress. We ate gobs of peanuts in the shell since they sat in a huge barrel next to the front door. Guests would indulge in the peanuts and toss the shells on to the floor of the restaurant.

Some days I just want to go with my husband and volunteer staff, along with 300 high school students on a summer, week long houseboat trip. We would water ski all day, and at night talk about God, and why parents are so weird.

Some days I want to cuddle with my babies and have them fall asleep on my chest where their breaths are deep, heavy, and content.

Some days I want to sit with my husband on our uncomfortable black leather watching a rented movie from Blockbuster.

Some days I just want to write, for hours; overwhelmed with creativity and quiet time.

Some days I just want to drive to Hollywood to see Cheap Trick in concert with friends from school.

Some days I want to go back to the simplicity before life got complicated and most days I love to complication and pace life brings.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Overtime for the Tooth Fairy

After four children, 40 teeth, and numerous amounts of dollar bills, I just don’t get excited about the fact that my 8 year old is losing teeth like a puppy, and unfortunately for him, his adult teeth aren’t coming in as quickly as they are falling out. His smile resembles that of an 80 year old, Mountain Dew addict, from the hills of Wisconsin, with no dental plan. However, his great hair and charming personality supersede his shortcomings.

Recently he has been handing me his teeth while I am driving, or yanks them out at school and then hands me his tooth when he arrives home. The temptation to toss them in the garbage is irresistible, but I resist. After he forgets to tell me to put them under his pillow at night, the entire tooth losing excitement is over shadowed with daily tasks. In the morning, when the dollar bill is supposed to be safely tucked under his pillow, in my haste and quick thinking, I throw a dollar bill on the floor and tell him that the tooth fairy must have dropped it. I also grab a dollar from my purse when he isn’t paying attention and tell him that I found the bill in my car. He believes me after he remembers that he handed me his tooth while I was driving.

I’ve considered gently placing a dollar on top of the trash pile in the garbage can and telling him that the Tooth Fairy had to dig in the garbage to find his tooth, but I think that would hurt his feelings.

I have no immediate plans for the 40 teeth I have stored in zip lock bags in my closet and drawers, and honestly, I am surprised that I am still mom by day and Tooth Fairly by night, especially after my 17 year reign. By now the rulers of Tooth Fairy Land are embarrassed by my lack of enthusiasm and by now I should have been demoted to pixie dust sweeper upper or wand polisher.

Perhaps I’ll fashion together a bracelet or choker necklace with the teeth I have collected from my children. Although wrapping them in pretty paper and satin ribbon and giving them as a gift to them and their spouse on their wedding day would make for great present opening conversation.

This tooth fairy is tired. Too tired to do the role justice, but carry on I must, and I do, even if the effort is slight and the pay is low.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The End is Near

Today I spent my day jumping from one end of the year activity day with first graders at Adventure City, to another with third graders at a pool party. Sitting at a pool, watching boys and girls do endless water activities was quite boring honestly.

What is it about sitting around waiting for time to pass while on a field trip that leaves me so exhausted? I had the same problem when I was a teacher full time. Field trips were tiring.

The first graders were easy. My boy and two of his friends ran from ride to ride taking turns deciding who would have to sit alone. Since all the rides were within a 50 yard radius this made for the easiest field trip, and most favorite, in my 13 years of field trip attendance. In addition, boys, typically equal no drama. I love no drama.

Yesterday I drove 8th grade boys to the beach for their semi annual, end of the year, beach day. I had 7 boys in my car. The music was loud, but again, the drama level was zero. On the way home from the field trip I had to tell the boys in the very back seat to stop licking each other. I have never said that to anyone, yet alone 8th grade boys.

This is the last week of school. While I will not miss the "Do your homework" banter or attempting to concoct interesting lunches, I do know the frustrations that summer can hold. I will also miss that my boys will no long all be attending the same school. Attending a preschool-8th school has some great privileges. I know that the little boys are going to miss having their older brother at school with them.

And so the end is near. The school bell will stop ringing, the backpacks will be put away for the summer, and navy polo shirts and tan pants will soon attract cob webs. I love the summer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Judy Moody Give Away

Whether you are new to the Judy Moody book series or have read though them in their entirety, you've heard by now of the hilarious moving coming this summer called "Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer." You also can understand the beauty in taking your kids to a film that the whole family can enjoy.

"When her best-laid plans for a summer full of fun go comically awry, an imaginative young girl creates her own vacation adventures in Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Based on the beloved, bestselling book series by Megan McDonald, Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer is an irresistible and delightfully funny treat for adventure-loving kids and adults.
This summer, third grader Judy Moody is planning the most super-duper, double-rare summer vacation ever with best friends Rocky and Amy. Except that it turns out Rocky is going to circus camp to learn to tame lions, and Amy is headed off to Borneo with her mom to save a lost tribe while Judy stays home with her pesky little brother Stink and second-best friend Frank Pearl.
Just when she thinks things are as rotten as they can be, her parents announce that they will be going to California and Judy will have to stay behind with her Aunt Opal, who she’s never even met! It looks like Judy’s best summer ever has just become her way worst summer ever."

This week I am giving you the opportunity to receive a Judy Moody prize pack which includes:
+The Everything Kids” Cookbook
+Pottery Barn “Playful Chef” Cooking Set
+Judy Moody Sunglasses
+(2) Judy Moody Activity Books
+Jump Rope
+JM Not Bummer Summer Book
+Mini Movie Poster
+Mood Rings
+(2) T-Shirts (1 Adult & 1 Kid Size)
+(2) Zorbitz bracelets

If you would like to be entered to win this amazing package of goodies please leave a comment on my blog and I will draw names, and announce the winner, on Friday. Have fun!