The End is Near

Today I spent my day jumping from one end of the year activity day with first graders at Adventure City, to another with third graders at a pool party. Sitting at a pool, watching boys and girls do endless water activities was quite boring honestly.

What is it about sitting around waiting for time to pass while on a field trip that leaves me so exhausted? I had the same problem when I was a teacher full time. Field trips were tiring.

The first graders were easy. My boy and two of his friends ran from ride to ride taking turns deciding who would have to sit alone. Since all the rides were within a 50 yard radius this made for the easiest field trip, and most favorite, in my 13 years of field trip attendance. In addition, boys, typically equal no drama. I love no drama.

Yesterday I drove 8th grade boys to the beach for their semi annual, end of the year, beach day. I had 7 boys in my car. The music was loud, but again, the drama level was zero. On the way home from the field trip I had to tell the boys in the very back seat to stop licking each other. I have never said that to anyone, yet alone 8th grade boys.

This is the last week of school. While I will not miss the "Do your homework" banter or attempting to concoct interesting lunches, I do know the frustrations that summer can hold. I will also miss that my boys will no long all be attending the same school. Attending a preschool-8th school has some great privileges. I know that the little boys are going to miss having their older brother at school with them.

And so the end is near. The school bell will stop ringing, the backpacks will be put away for the summer, and navy polo shirts and tan pants will soon attract cob webs. I love the summer.