Some Days

Some days I just want to pick up my yellow push button telephone and call a friend. I want my mom to drive me over to her house so that we can play a record on her new stereo and choreograph a dance routine to one of our favorite songs.

Some days I just want to fry up a batch of frozen french fries until they are golden brown and wash them down with a cold Dr. Pepper while finishing up a reading assignment for Political Science.

Some days I just want to rush to Andrea's house after sixth period to catch the current episode of General Hospital to find out if Blackie is still in trouble with the law. Andrea lived 2 minutes from school so we had time to watch General Hospital before rushing back to school for track practice.

Some days I just want to spend 2 hours in Sterling Art choosing tubes of acrylic paint and horsehair paint brushes for my next painting assignment.

Some days I just want teach a lesson to a new batch of fifth graders on their first week of school. Their fresh faces, new clothes, and eager spirits are so innocent and refreshing.

Some days I just want to go to the beach all day but get home in time to shower and get to RJ's Rib Joint for my evening shift as a waitress. We ate gobs of peanuts in the shell since they sat in a huge barrel next to the front door. Guests would indulge in the peanuts and toss the shells on to the floor of the restaurant.

Some days I just want to go with my husband and volunteer staff, along with 300 high school students on a summer, week long houseboat trip. We would water ski all day, and at night talk about God, and why parents are so weird.

Some days I want to cuddle with my babies and have them fall asleep on my chest where their breaths are deep, heavy, and content.

Some days I want to sit with my husband on our uncomfortable black leather watching a rented movie from Blockbuster.

Some days I just want to write, for hours; overwhelmed with creativity and quiet time.

Some days I just want to drive to Hollywood to see Cheap Trick in concert with friends from school.

Some days I want to go back to the simplicity before life got complicated and most days I love to complication and pace life brings.