Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My little boys hate seeing kissing. They would never consider kissing anyone other than members of their family and even then kissing is questionable.

The other day I attending a wedding. The first question our youngest asked when I arrived home was, "Did they kiss?" I explained that they did kiss and that kissing is the best part of the wedding. He was visibly grossed out.

His next question surprised me. "Can you have a wedding where you don't kiss?" I had to explain that when he is old enough to get married, he won't be able to wait for the kissing part. I continued to explain that he is going to marry a beautiful girl who loves Jesus and is going to be his best friend. I also told him that he will want to kiss her all the time. He disagreed--with the kissing aspect.

He still doesn't get it. This conversation will have to pick up again when he is 13.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Go Away Fall

All of the boys attended/worked VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week which always make me feel like Fall is knocking on our door. Go away Fall.

I don't want summer to leave. I haven't been to the beach once this summer which is wrong in every way. Maybe I could quit my job so that I can go to the beach every day in the month of August and be tan like all the other mommies.

Also, as I look back over the summer so far I feel guilty about not providing our children with an incredible summer. I get nervous when I think about that cliche writing assignment which is typically assigned the first week of school. "How I Spent my Summer Vacation." Unfortunately my children will have a very short paper. The paper will begin with "We did nothing" and end with "The End."

I cannot pinpoint why this summer was different from all of the others. Perhaps with two in high school and two in elementary school, arranging the day is tricky. That's my excuse.

Next year will be different. I hope.

How is your summer going so far?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Slight Addiction

Although it's slightly embarrassing, I have come to terms with the fact that our 15 year old boy, Zac, is addicted to The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

He got giddy this morning when he realized that "Bachelorette-Men Tell All" was recorded, and that after he led a team of boys at VBS, he would be able to watch the show.

At the beginning of each season, he comes in to tell me who he thinks the bachelor or bachelorette is going to choose. I force myself to watch one episode, and throw around my opinion of who will be chosen, just to compete.I am typically off by a mile.

Zac's addiction began earlier in the year when his friends, four girls, would stand around at school talking about the show. Since he often felt left out of the conversation he decided to watch the show in order to keep up with the banter. After one episode, Zac was hooked.

It comes as no surprise then that his anticipation for tonight's finale has him planning his evening around the show. He is smitten. I can appreciate the fact that when he has a steady girlfriend or gets married, they can watch girly shows and he won't roll his eyes during the program or sneak in texting his friends. He will actually look forward to the viewing.

Today, our son walked to Target to purchase some goods. When he got home he told me that he loved shopping. Oh my. He is going to be the highlight of some girls' life. Not only does he watch the Bachelor/Bachelorete but he also loves shopping.

What a catch.

I hope that all the girls know that he isn't allowed to marry until he is 40, okay, 30. And, for what it's worth, he thinks that Ashley is going to choose J.P. I couldn't even tell you who J.P. is.