My little boys hate seeing kissing. They would never consider kissing anyone other than members of their family and even then kissing is questionable.

The other day I attending a wedding. The first question our youngest asked when I arrived home was, "Did they kiss?" I explained that they did kiss and that kissing is the best part of the wedding. He was visibly grossed out.

His next question surprised me. "Can you have a wedding where you don't kiss?" I had to explain that when he is old enough to get married, he won't be able to wait for the kissing part. I continued to explain that he is going to marry a beautiful girl who loves Jesus and is going to be his best friend. I also told him that he will want to kiss her all the time. He disagreed--with the kissing aspect.

He still doesn't get it. This conversation will have to pick up again when he is 13.


cwalk said…
Hi know someone like that too.