Got the Funk

I am in a funk. Out of Sorts.

The economy, gas prices, still no tickets to Hawaii, my birthday, working three part-time jobs which collectively do hardly anything to help with the family finances, needing new carpet and couches...needing not wanting, and other funks of life right now.

Honestly, most of my funks are material issues which is greatly embarrassing. I'm am having a pity party and you are all invited.

Perspective: My girlfriend is on day 29 of being in ICU and is still sedated and doped up on morphine for an unknown infection. I cannot afford to get my hair highlighted or a pedicure...really?

I go through waves. I count my blessings. I get sad. God remains merciful. I know that He understands my funkiness.

Jesus went through funks...I guarantee.

I need to go for a long run. I need to think and pray. I need to find my joy. Even though it may be buried deep behind my funk, I know that it exists.

I'll get over it.


Angela said…
I understand the funk. I hope you loose yours soon. I tagged you at
Angela (Becoming Me)
ayates said…
I understand the funk. I just keep reminding myself...well God is reminding me that He is in control of all things. He loves us more then we can imagine. He loves our friend in the ICU more then we can imagine. He has a plan. He is mighty! Blessings to you Linda.
Linda said…
Yeah, we all need the funk reminder some times. I'm also awed by your ability to go for a long run. I don't have any physical disaility to keep me from doing that, except age, but still, I would love to be able to go for a long run! (I used to.)
Brad Huebert said…
Great words. It's so easy to lose perspective, to get all locked up in our little soap operas.

I'm so glad my little story is wrapped up in God's epic one.
Erin said…
the "funks" are inevitable aren't they? I get so down on myself for complaining, but life is just hard sometimes...there are no two ways around it, and some days you just need to vent! I hope you feel better soon...and high five for going for a run! I only run to get away from things chasing me...more power to you!!!!!!