I had to visit a friend who is unfortunately in the ICU in critical care. She went from flu, to pneumonia, to secondary infection, to critical care. This all happened between Monday and Saturday. The deterioration of her body occurred instantly.

I am not particularly fond of making hospital visits. It has nothing to do with the hospital or seeing people who are sick, I have a desperate problem with words. I never know how to act or what to say without sounding cliche and worthless. I often avoid the confrontation because of my weakness, but this time, since other friends were going to be there at the same time, forced myself to tend to the suffering of a dear friend and her family.

Her daughter happens to be close friends with my 11 year old son. We had previously shared a large amount of tears upon discovering that my friend may not come out of her illness. He hurt for his friend, while I hurt for not only his friend, but her sister, and dad.

As I grabbed my purse to leave for the hospital, he asked, "Do you think Katie will be there?" "I'm positive that Katie will be there." I replied. He then sat up straight in his chair and said, "Tell her...[long pause - searching for words].." He had no words. "Maybe you should make her a card." He nodded, and I left. It was refreshing to discover that I was not the only one who was wordless.

I asked a girlfriend to accomany me to her room as I could not face this alone. We cried as we washed our hands and she prepped me for the abnormal visual I was about to face. I had no words.

My girlfriend is stable. She has a long road of recovery ahead, several weeks in the hospital, and several weeks recovering at home. One day this will be a faint memory. I'm glad that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and swallowed my selfish intentions to stay away, and I went, even though I was wordless.


Amy said…
Some of my most meaningful hospital visits, both as visitor and visitee, have been when we silently held hands and prayed our own prayers together. Linda, you did God's work today.
Sarah Markley said…
I am ALWAYS like this at the hospital. It is really hard to go. I am glad your friend will be recovering. Thank you for sharing this.