I See What You're Saying


Oh, Co-Linda, I don't know whether to love you or hate you at this point. Ha. Love you because you're that zany irrepressible you, and hate you for that weather. You are a weather-flaunter, my dear. Congratulations, you have just made me create a new derogatory term in a Seinfeldian way: "Weather Flaunter." Anyway, I'm so glad you did this again, in spite of the flaunting. You are so fun, and I'm so glad to know you. Have fun hopping around visiting everyone! Love, Linda
70 degrees and you were cold! I am SO jelious. It is snowing outside as I write this. And like maybe 20. I love snow, but the sunshine and 70 sounds heavenly. I don't think I'm coming back here until June! I can't take it. Although I'd love to see your snow adventure!
Popping over from Linda's...good to meet you!

Oh, can I join the other 2 and say how absolutely jealous I am of that fabulous weather!?

Happy 2009!
oh torture seeing that sunshine and balmy weather. we live clear across on the west coast and oh how i wish i was in a tank top today. happy new year!
Mom To Six said…
We live in Florida so I know about the swimming in winter, but we don't have the snow. I wish we did.

Have a happy new year!

ageffert said…
At least California designates beach and snow. In Texas we have 30s one day and 70s the next, sometimes all in the course of a few hours. You look like you're enjoying your winter break. Happy New Year.
Mother Hood said…
Thanks for rubbing it in! ;p
Kim said…
Pretty cool that you can do beach one day, snow the next!
Denise said…
so california..."weather flaunter."

great video, fun to see you in video person.

and snow is always a chore (commenting on your other post), gloves, hats, scarves, boots! almost as expensive as disneyland.

and to also comment on disneyland, yikes the $$$! yep, we will not be back there for a really long time.

have snow much fun, buurrr!
Chatty Kelly said…
I"m jealous of your weather.

Good to see what you're saying.
Carol said…
Okay, so beach one day, snow the next, you're so cute...

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't hate you.

Okay, so Jesus. Very good reason.

(Fun video!)
Becoming Me said…
I love how you casually leafed through a mag while tapping...are you always so relaxed?
Deven said…
Lid's right... A weather-flaunter. :) However, I don't enjoy weather much above 65ish, so I don't share the envy. I'm glad you're enjoying your Christmas. :)
Becky said…
I am in Cali... its in the 30s to 50s and I am wearing shorts and t-shirts. LOL. Great video you weather flaunter ;-)
Greg C said…
Yea, we were saying the same thing, yesterday but tomorrow night it will be in the thirties. Brrrrr, no more swimming for us.
Yeah, I do see what you're saying. I wore shorts here yesterday. And also, at 70 degrees I'm cold too. All those Northerners laugh at us.
Patrice said…
Rub in the beautiful weather why don't ya!!
I grew up in CA. They do have great weather out there. =) And the Disney thing...we (the hubby and I and our four kids) lived in FL and got in free all the time. It's who you know...it's all in who you know.
Okay so I am a little envious. However, I will just have to rest in the fact that here in Michigan we had a 60 degree day on Saturday! Unheard of for December in MI! Tonight we are getting snow so tomorrow we can both be in the snow!

Thanks for sharing. It was great to "see" you!
Mel said…
That's it! Weather Flaunter! Thank you, 2nd Cup of Coffee!
Jendi said…
Great camera girl!
By the way, I have that magazine and have only looked at half of it. :)
Happy New Year!
Beverlydru said…
Hi Linda! This is my first vitis to your blog and I'm sure I'll be back. Hope you are havin gfun in the snow. Happy New Year!