Smell Test

It fascinates me how certain smells can evoke memories. My best girlfriend growing up always used Herbal Essence Shampoo. Whenever I catch a whiff of Herbal Essence it takes me back to sixth grade, the beginnings of my boy craziness, and playing the game "Truth of Dare" in the grassy field behind our classroom.

I love the smell of new books and magazine. For some reason it reminds me of my weekly visits as a high school student to our local library where my friends had the job of being a library page. When I first got my driver's permit, my mother allowed me to drive the 1/4 mile to the library by myself. Pure joy. Rule breaker deluxe.

My mom always had a grand supply of homemade chocolate chip cookies around our house. I used to sit on the stove top while the oven was on, waiting for the fresh baked goodness to be removed from the oven. My bottom was always warmed by the heated oven.

Now I make my own version of chocolate chip cookies, and the smell takes me back to our 700 square foot condo which was purchased by my mom after my parents divorced.

My favorite smell is freshly sharpened pencils. It must have something to do with my first attempts at teaching fifth graders. I love to sniff them the second they leave the electric pencil sharpener. I make sure that no one is looking as I stick them up to my nose and breathe in deeply.

I wonder what smells will bring back great memories for my own children. Hopefully burnt sponge is not one of them. That would not be good.


Becoming Me said…
Oh yes...I can still remember the smell of my Elem. school. By the way, I gave you an award. It should be posted in about 10 min.
Sarah Markley said…
Yeah...what is it about pencils. I totally agree.