For kitchen clean-up in or home, we use a sponge. According to the package label, the sponge we use is supposed to be odor-free, however, after a weeks use, the sponge is anything but odor-free.

The sure-fire way to rid any and all micro-bacteria from growing into a flourishing garden is to stick the sponge into the dishwasher and let it run through a cycle, but, I am impatient, and needed the sponge issue to be resolved more quickly.

I had heard that if you microwave the sponge, the germs and bacteria are instantly eliminated. I stuck our stinky sponge on the glass plate in the microwave, set the dial to thirty seconds, found another task in which to involve myself, and waited.

You may think that burned microwave popcorn is the worst smell however, burnt sponge kicks burnt popcorn's butt.

The fibers on the back side of the sponge were a black, plastic mess. The smoke was toxic enough to kill a swimming goldfish, and the sponge was deemed useless.

Although the sponge was bacteria-free, the next time you have to deal with a stinky sponge use the microwave, however, I advise that you set the dial for ten seconds, not thirty. I am a wealth of information


Mary Fran said…
Next time try getting the sponge very wet then you'll have no worries about melting plastic.
Denise said…
i think i heard that you are suppose to place the sponge in a bowl of water, and then nuke it (boil it) in the microwave. this is what i do when waiting for the dishwasher will not do :-)
Sarah Markley said…
i have always wondered about this...thanks for being the guinea pig.
Lisa Diederichs said…
I truly, tRuLy, TRULY think sponges are SUPER gross. They are filled with spores of bacteria. I think you should use a paper towel (though environmentally wasteful) or an old rag (that's clean).



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