So Ryan called. I was thrilled. I wasn't home when he called, but he left and fantastic message. Ryan works for O'Neill clothing which is based here in southern CA. He got word that I had inadvertently purchased a t-shirt from Tilly's for my four year old which had naked women on the front design. If you missed my blog about the indecency, you can read about it here.

Ryan apologized profusely. He was truly sorry that such an egregious error occurred in their design department. He informed me that those people who designed that shirt have all left the company to work for a competitor. He was embarrassed. He felt bad for my son, and, he is sending me care package to help us get over their wrong doings. Perfect.

I was impressed with O'Neill and Ryan. I'll be even more impressed when I uncover what lies inside the care package. I'll keep you posted.


Amy said…
Awesome! Make sure to tell us what's in the package.
Sarah Markley said…
This is really interesting. Glad that it is getting worked out!