Man Stuff

When my daughter is away the family dynamics change considerably. It is just me and four males. They have no plans other than to eat, and watch whatever man type event is on the television. Even the younger ones seem to slouch in the couch more and grunt, or else they engage in a unexpected round of "Let's play American Gladiators!" This event is noisy, disruptive, shirtless, and loud.

I grabbed my bowl of ice cream, usual evening, post dinner fare, sat with the "puppies" and watched the "Winter X-Games." My preference would have been E.R, Cold Case, or House, although not appropriate for puppies. The X-Games happened to be highlighting snow-moto which was dreadfully boring and my husband agreed. We switched to a recorded movie, "How to Eat Fried Worms" which was better, but I still felt out of place.

Eventually the puppies went to bed and my husband and I were able to watch a DVD we had rented, "Mr. Brooks." It was odd, entertaining, I was tired, but we had a great amount of husband and wife hang time which is always perfect.

I don't like when my daughter is gone. What will I do when she moves out for college? Okay, that is at least four years from now, but I need a plan, either that, or learn how to act like an American Gladiator and join in on the chaos, however, I refuse to take off my shirt.