Three Puppies

Having three boys is like having a gaggle of puppies. In addition to chewing my stuff, they take my shoes, bury things, and have insatiable appetites.

Many items in our home have been destroyed by our puppies including couches, chairs, books, blankets, and lamp stands.

Like puppies, they dribble when they drink, bark often when they are left alone in another room, sit on my lap when I am trying to post on my blog, need to be walked around the block twice a day or they will hurt each other, and fall asleep in the car.

Our puppies eat food off of the floor, hop up on our bed at night, stick their heads out of the car window when we approach our street, sometimes pee outside in the bushes, and get excited when they see other puppies in our neighborhood.

Our new dog purchase will have to wait. For now, I am dealing with three puppies who happen to have ton of energy, a very short attention span, and require constant training.


I LOVE this comparison! I don't have a puppy anymore since he stands 6'1'ish and wears a size 17 shoe but he still acts like a puppy when he is sparled out in the living room or wraps his big long legs over the side of my big yellow chair!