I Wish That...

  • Clothes ironed themselves
  • Fast food restaurants gave a discount if you refused the kid's meal toy
  • We had a pool
  • I had a shed-free dog
  • My carpet wasn't stained
  • People did not speed down my street
  • We had a money tree
  • Coffee had MORE caffeine
  • All my friends lived on my street
  • I had time to read
  • I could remember everything I needed at Target the first time instead of having to go there twice in one week
  • My children did not ask me to buy them something from every store we visit
  • My front tooth didn't have a brown tinge
  • The gargantuan vein running down the full length of my leg looked cool
  • I had a full time errand runner
  • People did not run red lights
  • My brother and his family lived closer

What do you wish?


Jan B said…
I wish that Chocolate was a low cal, low fat food, high in fiber and great for you.
Anonymous said…
I wish my clean floors that took two hours to get clean would stay clean for longer than 30 seconds.
Granny said…
Over here from Melodee's.

I wish it didn't take me three trips to anywhere (even the kitchen) to remember why I went there in the first place.

Ann (aka granny)
Ginger said…
I wish I was one of those people who said, "I don't like sweets, much" or "I'm just not a chocolate person".
LisaLouise said…
I wish that people confused me for Heather Locklear.
Hi Linda,

Interesting post, came across to your blog from Mel's blog,

Well I wish I could swim like a fish to see the beauty of sea.
Eleanor said…
Hi, I'm another over from Mel's. Liked your list so much I had a scribble myself. Thanks.
Plus - I wish my wishes were a bit more worthy.
I'm here from Eleanors!

Looking at my floor right this moment, the floor that was vacuumed very recently and now needs doing over, I'd have to go with 'I wish I had a dog that didn't shed (or moult as we call it). :-)

I may just toddle off and think up my own wish list now. Thanks for the idea. :-)
Sue Nicholson said…
following lin from eleanors too !

I wish I'd learnt to jive before this darn arthritis had set in.

And I so agree with Granny :)