| Parent Tip | Warnings

The methodical beeping of the garbage truck backing up on the street outside my window pierces the quiet of my morning. “No one cares if you are backing up, garbage truck. It is 7:30 on a summer morning and most people are still asleep. Your chances of running someone over while you are backing up are slim unless your annoying warning is for the lizard near your tire!” I consider screaming this out my front door, but refrain.

Soon after, the shrill of an ambulance siren drowns out the beeping and my silent meditation is wrecked with more offensive warning signals. The sweet songs of waking wildlife and the rustle of tree leaves are masked with dogmatic warnings.

Warnings and alerts—although these are unpleasant and harsh, they serve a distinct purpose; I just prefer to hear them in the afternoon.

My vocal warnings serve a distinct purpose as well. However when I feel like shouting “Stop talking or you will all get out and walk!” to a car full of boys whose conversations ping pong between Minecraft strategies, singing songs out of key, and shouting “hello!” to harmless pedestrians, I consider a bull horn outfitted with a warning siren instead.

As parents, we have an innate desire to protect our children. We serve warnings, proceed with caution, layer on the armor, and guide and direct because of our unconditional love for them. Unfortunately our children still disregard our warnings and endure pain and heartache. God’s Word, the Bible is filled with warnings for believers. While some are offended by what seems like rules and regulations purposely placed to remove all fun from our lives, God intended these warnings as a form of protection because He loves us unconditionally. And just like children, we often ignore the warnings, and endure the heartache and pain, which ensues.

Keep cautioning, keep guarding, and love them when they fail. Heed the warnings, follow God’s Word, and choose obedience. And if you choose otherwise, consider yourself warned.