| Parent Tip: | The Power of Prayer and Tickling

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The Power of Prayer and Tickling
Every night we pray with our little kids. We pray about our family, school anxiety, having good beach weather, grandparents who need healing, and if I am disappointed in them, I ask God to help them make better choices when Mom asks them to do something. They don't always like when I throw that last request into our prayer time but I am the one who prays so I get to say what I want.
We rarely pray with our bigger kids. Since they no longer require the closet doors shut, back tickling, and "wear your retainer" reminders, we typically open the door to their bedrooms and say, "Hey, we are going to bed. We love you, good night."
I am uncertain as to when the good night prayers ended, but I am certain that I am sad about it. I think, if our bigger kids were completely honest, they would admit to still enjoying their Dad or myself lying in bed next to them and praying out loud while we tickle their arms and back. As they mature though, we expect that this is no longer a requirement. Who made that decision? Our bigger kids need our prayers just as much as the little kids.
Prayer is an amazing gift that we can give to our children. When we pray for them and with them they get to witness, first hand, God's miracles, faithfulness, grace, and mercy. They get to rest in the arms of our Savior knowing that with prayer, anything is possible for those who believe. They get a peek at the workings of God and how He cares for our EVERY need.
Perhaps it is too late to begin again the regime of night time prayers and tickling with a 21 year old girl and an 18 year old boy, but I am certain, that tonight, our typical cadence of good nights will have an additional sentence, "How can we be praying for you?"