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Sharing is Dumb

I don't share well, especially my dessert. This has been a challenge lately since I make myself some pretty great desserts. The ice cream gets topped with whipped cream, always, and if there are M&M's nearby, a sprinkle on top is a must. Is your mouth watering?

I also seem to be the one who chooses the best dessert when we are out at a restaurant. It's a curse.
The reason that I don't like to share is because I am afraid that when I am finished sharing there won't be any left for me to eat, or that the goober saliva they leave behind will repulse me enough to push aside what is left on the plate. I live in fear.

Kids, too, hate to share. They share the same fear as do I. What if they break something? What if there is nothing left for me? What if it gets lost? What if they goober saliva all over it? What if?

I have come to realize that none of the fears I have come true. I always have enough desert, there is always plenty left, and more than likely, I get too full to finish my dessert when I share and have plenty left over for others. They goober part may be intact, but I am not repulsed.

I try to encourage this revelation with my own children, though sometimes there is difficulty. "God loves it when we share. God will honor your sharing by giving you more. When we share, we feel better and our fears never develop." These are my go to sayings to my kids when the non-sharing monster needs slaying. Eye rolling or screams still erupt, however, I will often push sharing, even if there is a fight. 

The battle is real, but the words will soak in eventually. Don't give up. Encourage sharing, model selflessness, and banish fear. You can do this. We can do this.