Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not so High Profile

Dog’s smell fear, so trying to ward off any fear fragrance migrating from my pores took more energy than I could muster as my arms were stretched out far enough to be plucked from their sockets from our two dogs. They were tugged toward two barking, tooth showing, hair raised dogs who had escaped from their yard. Our ten pound guy gave his best efforts to ward off the foe but mostly retreated behind the untied sneakers I was trying to keep anchored to the asphalt, and our Labrador mix was in the fight for claws full of fur.

In the throes of my dogie dilemma; taut leashes on the verge of snapping like an aged tree limb and barking so deafening that I had to implement my best lip reading skills, my long blond haired, aviator glasses wearing, tanned, Finnish, and successful neighbor stopped her Lexus convertible to say “hello.” She runs a major women’s shoe company in Los Angeles. Form your mind picture. I’ll wait.

“Did you get the boots?” she whispered covering the mouth piece from her cell phone. “Yes, I cannot wait to wear them. Thank you!” I love cute, free stuff, from neighbors who run shoe companies. “You have a lot of dogs!”  Her sarcasm was followed by a light laugh as she drove away and I laughed too while shoving the escaped convicts back to their cells and trying to maintain my own furry folks.

As I continued our walk, with panting dogs already exhausted from their attempted mugging, I thought about the work that the president of a shoe company does on a daily basis. The trips to Singapore, meetings which include whiteboards and video projectors, catalog design input, lunches wearing A-line skirts and suede stilettos are required, and so much more high profile business lady stuff that I cannot even think. I have never been a high profile business woman hence the lack of knowing what is involved.

I was discouraged for a moment as I thought about my low profile job, where my lunch is brought from home in a dingy green and yellow striped bag, and where trips to the bathroom are the extent of my travel portfolio, however, I do know that whether I am a mom, or a business mogul, God has called me to His position in the workplace.

And although most of us aren't making decisions regarding an upcoming spring line, or executing working lunches which include brioche and steamed clams, we are working for God, doing exactly what He wants us to do, at the exact time that He has called us to do it, even with barking dogs.

My boss is the creator of the universe, and I love my job.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cigarettes, Glue Sticks, and Pigskin

While my daughter will be avoiding the private huddles of cigarette smokers on junior college campus engaged in conversations smothered with expletives, the youngest will be twisting out their glue sticks to see how far they can "grow" without any breakage. Polar opposite school experiences. That's was in the cards when we decided to have our oldest and youngest child 10 years apart from each other. And while the high schooler won't have glue sticks, he will be teetering from the weight of  balancing football practice, French 2, and wondering if he gets cell coverage in his 4th period class. Back to school sucks.

In spite of  the fact that I am a planner and organizing freak I love the unscheduled freedom brought on by summertime. This is the time when I loathe structure. Breakfast happens at noon, lunch is served near 4:00 and popcorn at 8:00 is the dinner fare. This feels like vacation and I love it.

Soon I will be packing lunches, pushing lazy hands to complete homework assignments, squabbling with teenagers about who gets the car, and suffering through new shoe shopping.

Dear Summer, I will miss you friend.