Cigarettes, Glue Sticks, and Pigskin

While my daughter will be avoiding the private huddles of cigarette smokers on junior college campus engaged in conversations smothered with expletives, the youngest will be twisting out their glue sticks to see how far they can "grow" without any breakage. Polar opposite school experiences. That's was in the cards when we decided to have our oldest and youngest child 10 years apart from each other. And while the high schooler won't have glue sticks, he will be teetering from the weight of  balancing football practice, French 2, and wondering if he gets cell coverage in his 4th period class. Back to school sucks.

In spite of  the fact that I am a planner and organizing freak I love the unscheduled freedom brought on by summertime. This is the time when I loathe structure. Breakfast happens at noon, lunch is served near 4:00 and popcorn at 8:00 is the dinner fare. This feels like vacation and I love it.

Soon I will be packing lunches, pushing lazy hands to complete homework assignments, squabbling with teenagers about who gets the car, and suffering through new shoe shopping.

Dear Summer, I will miss you friend.


cwalk said…
Boys already asking if we are car-pooling.