He Lost

Our boy lost the ASB race for sophomore class president after spending his freshman year as class president. He was a shoe in, or so we thought. He had this one, or so we thought. He had this race in the bag, or so we thought. He campaigned, rallied the vote with signs on sticks, produced a video, and spread the word, only to hear the words, "I'm sorry, you didn't win." He was hurting. I hate when our kids are hurting. Hate it. Since I am a fixer, I want to fix them and make everything better for them. I offered carbonated cold drinks, sweet treats, dinners filled with carbs and protein, and nothing was able to fix the hurt. I knew that only time could cultivate the healing and cover the disappointment. God has something amazing in store for our boy, but this time it doesn't include ASB. I cannot wait to see what God has planned.


I'm a new follower. I am friends with Angeli over at Little Design Angel and she recommended your blog. I can totally relate to wanting to fix the sad broken hearts of my children, I am also a fixer. Thank you for your honest and sweet post.