Disposable Clothing

The posters on the windows were clear, “Nothing over $9.00.” Since the store was selling clothing I was skeptical of the low price. I didn’t doubt that “there was nothing in the store over $9.00” but the quality was in question.

I love a great deal. Love it like I love coffee and this deal was no different. I understood however that any article of clothing which I was about to purchase would not last more than a few months. The sweaters and blouses that would run with their more expensive counter parts named trousers and skirts for a month or two would eventually be demoted to lounge with the sweat pants worn strictly for dog and car washing. Their stay in the workforce line of fashion must haves is a short lived stay thus I have deemed them disposable clothes.

After first washing, the seam takes a left turn and ends up on my stomach. The buttons fall off after a week, and the little balls or bad material combinations gather like teenagers at a Bieber concert riddling the front and sides. The garment usually shrinks and retreats to the “give-away” pile sitting on the closet floor. I know the parameters of disposable clothing and stay close to the boundaries. Rarely am I surprised with the outcome. Trusting that these articles of clothing will fall apart within months is a given; a risk I take based on my investment.

Thankfully my investment in the word of God yields high rewards. The cost was great. God sent His only Son as a sacrifice for my life and for my inevitable sinful nature. The time I spend reading scriptures found in the Bible and spending time in conversation through prayer because of my love for Him and what He did for me, is priceless.

Daily I seek Him. I run to His word for answers. Daily I question Him and talk about my feelings and struggles, and He hears me always, provides an answer continuously, and gives me the guidance that I need at all times. What a deal!

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” Colossians 3:16a (NIV)