I'm Usually not this Sassy

Today I ended the afternoon sassy. Not the kind of sassy I have when my girlfriend complements me when I stroll into a circle of girls wearing a fashionable outfit, make up, and high heels. This sassy is the kind of sassy which results in apologies and sulking in regret.

Five days after Christmas and the kids are still asking for things. That makes me sassy. How about you give me back all of your presents and I will trade you for a twenty dollar bill?

The lunch bill tipped the scale at sixty dollars for six people. That makes me sassy. Can't we all just share a meal and drink water?

The youngest didn't feel like taking my daughter's photography seriously and kept smiling like a goof ball. That makes me sassy. He also needed a piggyback ride because he was tired of walking. Sassy.

The dogs stopped too many times to pee. I get really sassy when that happens.

Pictures make me look old so I get sassy. Who am I kidding? Do I really think that I look 30?

My oldest boy takes none of my suggestions which frustrates me and brings out my inner sassy.

My daughter doesn't like the way that I take pictures with her camera. Give me my sassy.

We had a great day. I have so much for which to be thankful. I shouldn't be sassy.