Be Specific

Tis the season for asking, although I really don't mind. I figure that I would rather my kids ask for something that they really want as opposed to my purchasing something for them that they really didn't want for Christmas.

On and on goes the Christmas list for the little boys with requests for Legos, MLB Pillow Pets, gift cards, along with a myriad of toys and games. The bigger kids are different. One wants an iPad which he isn't getting, or a unicycle. Really? What happened to clothes, skateboards, and little stuff?

Our girl is undecided. She always does well with cash and then complains that she has no presents under the tree. I cannot win.

I like to make a list for Christmas. Mystery gifts are never fun. My husband is great about filling the requests on my list. I try to be very specific and have been know to cut out magazine photos or summons our daughter to clarify certain products.

Did you know that God loves when we ask? He not only loves when we talk to Him through prayer, but He asks us to be specific in our thanksgiving, adoration, and even in our requests. I love Him.

I have prayed for lost things to be found and they have been found. I have asked specifically for my daughter to get the same driver's permit test that she was studying from at home, and she did. These are just a few examples, I have tons.

What do you need to ask God for right now? Be specific. He likes that, a lot.