Can You Take Our Picture?

I never mind taking photos for people, never. In fact as an artist, my hope is that when they see the photo which I have taken they are amazed at the perfection, but that part I doubt.

The other day I was with our family at an event. We were all snapping photos of the students before they had to move to another section of the building. There are a group of women with whom I have spent a lot of time over the 10 years at the same school, and a few of us had gathered, talking about our sons and daughters while waiting to sit at our seats.

One of the girls pulled two of the gals next to her and I thought that she was going to say, "Can you find someone who can take our picture?" I thought that she meant the four of us. Just as I was about to step away and find someone, she handed me her camera, ousted me from the photo and said, "Can you take our picture?"

I was surprised that she didn't want to include me in the photo, but I got my feelings hurt, snapped the photo, and then walked away.

I thought that by this time in my life, at my age, I wouldn't care about getting ignored by the cool girl at school or pushed out of a photo with all the popular moms, but I did. That's the most upsetting part. I was hurt.

I wish that I was one of those people who could ignore a moment like this and move on, but I realized that I am not. Again, upsetting.

I wish that I could downplay the incident by convincing myself that the reason I was not asked to be in the photo is because my beauty and self confidence is too intimating and would have overshadowed everyone else. Again, not true.

The truth is, my friend was just snapping photo and didn't think twice about the situation let alone hurting my feelings. The truth is, I care too much about getting left out and about what people think. The truth is, I am insecure around certain people. The truth is I should just get over it and move on.

Since I have the entire summer to forget about the ousting, chances are my attitude will improve with time. And chances are, I will be avoiding all cameras just to protect my feelings.


Unknown said…
I just wanted you to know, not too long ago my son said U r very pretty. U are a cool MOM!!! My boy loves ur boys!!! Let me knw if I can ever take a pic for u!! :D

It was so great to meet you at She Speaks. Thanks for your encouragement that led to my crazy meeting with Sandy :) Blessings and Thanks! Stephanie