Lately, my computer has been having issues. In addition to being sluggish after it boots up I discovered that my e-mail cannot update because there is no connection to the Internet when first powered up. I realize this quickly since a warning shows up in the bottom bar which read "Disconnected" next to a red circle with an "X" in the middle.

After a few frustrating moments, I restart my computer and suddenly the connection to the Internet is restored. There is no rhyme or reason for the onset disconnection, and I would never attempt to understand the mind of my computer. That would entail math-ish skills to which I have never been accustomed.

I wish there was a warning sign when I was becoming disconnected in my relationships. Perhaps a red circle with a black "X" in the middle could appear above a persons head warning me that I haven't make a significant connection with them lately. Instead of too much time passing between date night with my husband or one on one time with one of our children, the red circle or the word "disconnected" could float around reminding me to connect.

I know the repercussions of my being disconnected from God. I am irritable, snappy, and have an all around bad attitude. I'm not very nice. A warning would be helpful since often times the disconnection is clouded over with busyness and the bad attitude sneaks up on me.

I also know the repercussions of my being disconnected from those I love. I feel distant, insecure, and edgy. Again, a prior warning would be helpful.

In order for relationships to grow and sustain there needs to be a connection. I need to spend time with God through reading His Word if I want my relationship with Him to grow.

If I want my marriage to grow and sustain, I need to make a connection with my husband. I need to talk with him often, spend time with him, and schedule date nights.

The rules apply to the relationship with my children, family members, and friends. Those with whom I spend time, are the ones with whom I feel most connected.

I love feeling connected to those I love.

Since disconnection in relationships comes without warning it is up to me to habitually connect. And when I don't, I know that all I need to "restart" with a phone call, text, e-mail, or quiet time.


Mel said…
I totally know what you mean!