Terrible Twos

My seven year old is going through the terrible twos.

In addition to throwing himself on to the floor when I ask him to get ready for baseball practice he struggles through accepting the responsibility for clearing the dinner table by tossing back his head in disapproval and letting out a deep, bear-like growl.

He tells me that he loves me but shares his disappointment when told that he has homework to begin or needs to clean up his Legos by kicking his legs and flopping on his bed like a distressed goldfish.

He stops his feet and spins on the kitchen rug like a break dancer when He disagrees with my suggestion for his taking a shower.

His punches his brother in the stomach when he tries to hug him or give him a kiss, and tosses his bicycle into the bushes when I tell him to come inside for the evening.

I don't recall him being this indignant when he was two. Perhaps I have just forgotten.

This week at school my son received the"Kindness" award at school. It is a good thing that he is kind to people outside of our home because I would not be handing that award out to him this week based on his home behavior.

I have a seven year old who is deep in the pit of the terrible twos. Can you please offer me some advise?