My Mother Isn't Allowed to Die, Ever

I talk to my mother almost every day. Sometimes it is a quick text filling her in on the daily schedule and other times our phone conversations last 20 minutes or longer. I know her schedule and she knows mine. She knows when to call the house phone and when to call my cell. She also knows where I am most of the time and that if I don't answer my phone I am either jogging, blow drying my hair, showering, or in a meeting.

I know her schedule too. I know that if I need to call her at 10:00 in the evening she will probably still be awake, reading in bed. If I call at 7:30in the morning she is awake, drinking her coffee. On Tuesday I have to call after she is done with Bible Study, but she will answer a text message. On Wednesday night she teaching at her church.

My mom is a huge help for our family. She brings the kids home from school, shuffles them to baseball and vocals practice, makes popcorn for an after school snack, and makes sure the homework is started before I arrive home from work.

In addition, she grabs items from the grocery store that I need in order to prepare dinner, stocks our refrigerator with necessities, takes the boys to the barber shop for haircuts, and never complains, regardless of my incessant asking.

I am grateful that my mom is healthy. I am grateful that she doesn't act like a normal 71 year old. I am bless with an amazing relationship with my mother, and although I realize that Heaven is her final destiny she is not allowed to die, ever. But she already knows this.


Me said…
I feel the same way about my mommy!!! Moms are the best. loved your tribute to your mom. It was wonderful and I could feel the love...

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