Not the Happiest Place, Today

Monday is my day off. Since all of the kids have the entire week off, and were home today, I thought it would be the perfect day to use our annual passes and take a trip to Disneyland. I packed all the kids in the car and we journeyed the 20 minutes that it takes to drive to the city of Anaheim, CA. Although I was hoping that today would not be a busy, my image of 5 minute lines was shattered the moment I exited the freeway.

People were all over the sidewalks, the drop off area was blocked, buses and shuttles jammed the street, and the parking line resembled Fourth of July morning at the "Happiest Place on Earth" (the busiest day of the year).

There were wall to wall people on every street and corner inside the park. Getting from one ride to the next took a great amount of time as we shuffled around strollers and families. The average line was 50 minutes and it took over two hours for us to ride two rides.

The worst moment came when we decided to stop for lunch. I had never seen the Hungry Bear Restaurant line extending as long as it did today. As the kids sat at the table waiting for their meals. I stood in line. I began muttering words under my breath in my frustration. The line we were standing in seemed to never move. From the time we entered the line to the time we sat down to eat was over an hour.

After lunch we left. I couldn't bear the crowd any longer, and the kids felt the same as I did. For once, we were happy to leave Disneyland and grateful to board the tram which took us to my parked car. We were also grateful that our admission was covered by an annual pass which is good for the entire year.

We stopped at Starbucks Coffee to sooth our nerves, and all was good by then.

Never again will I attempt to take my children to Disneyland the week of Thanksgiving. Lesson learned the hard way. Today, Disneyland was not the happiest place on earth.