There is nothing consistent about where we decide to sit for dinner. We have a beautiful counter top with four bar stools which rarely gets used and a dining room table which seats six and gets used periodically. I'm the mom who lets her kids eat atop T.V. trays in front of the television screen. Although this doesn't happen for all meals it almost always happens for breakfast. Our living room carpet is old, so a dropped syrupy waffle piece would add to the mosaic of stains and spots.

I like to make eating dinner at the dining room table a priority when everyone is home at the same time. We take turns sharing about the day's highs and lows. I know how important this exercise is for family bonding although some family members would disagree. Siblings interrupt each other or disregard the excuses given for what defines a "high" for the day. P.E. is never an acceptable "high" due to it's predictability and neither is the answer, "I cannot think of one."

The "lows" for the day come in a wide variety. They range from having a teacher lecture too long, to my forgetting to put a drink in their lunchbox, to being chased by screaming girls. I'm sure the fourteen year old would love the seven year old's problem of be chased by screaming girls.

Or youngest was complaining today because, "We always eat together at the table." [insert whiny voice and droopy shoulders]. He is obviously vehemently opposed to creating life long memories while bonding together.

Although eating together is often a struggle I realize that it is an important moment in our day. Carving out this time releases stress, draws us together as a family, and instills value in making time to build relationships. Although I know that it cannot happen every night I need to make eating together a priority, and, know that when I am sinking into the depths of laziness I will forgo the bonding and pull out the T.V. trays. I am a work in progress.