Black Beauty

The highlight of our kids' weekend was not the anticipation of candy collecting, not the costume hunting, not the delicious tacos, not the cousin party or the long afternoons jumping on the trampoline. The highlight was Black Beauty.
Since my husbands company needed a van this week for a site tour of southern California, he was in charge of renting the transportation. The long drives would mean that entertainment was necessary and amenities were a must since the big executives were in town.
In walks the Dodge Sprinter better known as Black Beauty. She comes complete with 6 leather bucket seats, a leather bench seat, an Xbox game system with wireless controllers and headphones, a DVD player with a flat screen and WiFi. Our four kids drooled all over themselves when Black Beauty pulled up in front of our house on Saturday. They immediately asked for a ride after grabbing an Xbox game and a laptop computer to test the promises that Black Beauty said she would deliver.
I drove around our city for 30 minutes while like a broken record the children insisted that this van was the coolest thing ever. We drove Black Beauty to church on Saturday night, toured the city again with the neighbor boys, and entertained teenagers on Halloween night with chauffeured drop offs to different neighborhoods while music blared from the surround sound speakers.
We teared up today as we all bid a farewell to Black Beauty. She had more important business to conduct. We look forward to her return in January, and perhaps then she can stay a bit longer.
I'm adding Black Beauty to my Christmas list and removing everything else. I love her.