What Takes so Long?

What takes me so long to get ready int he morning? Where does the time go? These questions plague me every time I get into my car to go to work and notice how much time has passed from the moment I said good-bye to the school go-ers to the time I actually arrive at work.

I tried to figure it out one morning. Was blow drying the culprit? Was getting side tracked with breakfast dishes and checking e-mails the sticky slow down? It can't be the coffee. I need the coffee.

After thinking through I finally realized the problem. It was make up application. To be more specific, mascara application. Getting seven coats of waterproof mascara on thin, wimpy eyelashes takes time. If I eliminated mascara application from my morning routine, I could shave off at least ten minutes, however, I am not willing to part with, reduce, or eliminate any part of my mascara application. I guess I'll just have to wake up sooner, or go to work with wet hair.

The thick mascara is a must.