God and Rain

Lately we have been having some very uncommon weather in the form of rain. After two days of eighty degree temperatures, we have 4 days of clouds and pouring rain. My kids just aren't used to thunder storms so having them has been a thrill. However, the dog shakes violently from fear.

The other day my youngest who is seven and in the first grade told me that he and the neighbor boy make some decisions about God and the rain. I thought their imagination was remarkable. Here is what they decided:

When it rains, we are God's garden and he is helping us grow.
When there is thunder, God is building something for us and making noise.
The lightning is a result of God taking our pictures. (He needs a flash evidently. The lighting in Heaven washes out Earth)
They even went so far as to say that tornadoes and hurricanes are God swirling away sin.

Those guys are pretty smart.