I used to have warts when I was younger. My brother had them too. I used to get plantars warts on my feet. Those were painful.

Two of my four children have warts. Why is that? I don't know much about warts, but I do know that they are a virus, genetic, and well, gross.

My youngest boy has ten warts on his hands and arms. My oldest boy only has one. What makes some children immune to warts and some littered with them? That a rhetorical question unless you are a wart expert.

I've heard that covering the warts with duct tape removes them after a while, but that sounds like a lot of sticky work. I can imagine that pulling off duct tape that is stuck to arm hair hurts.

This is the week. This is the week for haircuts, new shoes, school supplies, and burning off warts. I'll bet that last one didn't make your list of "to-do's" for the week. Lucky you, really.