I'm not very good at waiting. I am better at waiting when I am aware of the end time and have a clear understanding of why I am waiting.

Today was a marathon wait day. I sat in the podiatrist office for an hour with my daughter, watching other people enter and be called back to the back before us which always frustrates me.

I finally asked the receptionist for the reason why so many others were called back before us. She informed me that she was waiting for the insurance company to approve our visit. Had she told me this, I would have understood, however, why didn't she ask for my insurance information when I made the appointment for my daughter and get approval then?

My daughter's appointment was scheduled for 10:00. We were called back at 10:45 and waited another 15 minutes for the doctor. After a surgical procedure was performed to help an ingrown toenail, we finally exited the office at 11:50. Ugh!

I was home for an hour and 40 minutes and then we had to leave a 1:45 appointment at the orthopedic doctor's office for my son's cast removal and x-rays. After waiting to be called back, waiting after the cast removal for x-rays, waiting after x-rays for the doctor to read them, and waiting for a new cast to be molded onto my boy's arm, we arrived home at 4:00. Again, ugh! At least I knew this time why we were waiting. This made the wait better, but not great.

Note to self: Don't schedule 2 doctor's appointments for children on your day off of work. This is not the best use of your "off" time.