Text Mix-Messaging

I have teenagers, therefore I text.

Even if I didn't have teenagers, I would still use text messaging more often than picking up the phone and calling. Texting is less time consuming than actual conversation.

My daughter is typically clear and concise, with her messages, making sure the point get across well. "Going to Chicful-a with a bunch of people pick me up at 10." (note the cute misspelling?) I can understand that message clearly.

My son on the other hand, isn't as clear. "Can I go to the beach with Al?" I knew that Al was his friend, who happens to be a girl, and since I am very close to her mother I said, "Sure." My assumption was that he was going to the beach with his friend and her family. I reminded him that he had plans for the evening, and that a late day at the beach was out of the question. He assured me that he remembered with a, "K."

As the evening rolled in I began to wonder when my son was going to arrive home. "What are your plans?" I texted. No answer. "When are you coming home?" I questioned, to which he replied, "Idk tell u when leaving." I couldn't understand why he didn't just ask Al's mom and get back to me with an answer. Surely he told her that we had plans and needed to be home before dinner. Surely.

As time passed and the dinner hour approached, I phoned my friend. I know, what a concept. She informed me that she was on her way to pick up the kids from the beach, and that they were dropped off by another mom. Picked up? What? Now I was really confused.

The fact that my son was at the beach with friends and no parents didn't upset me. These were all great kids with a capital "G" but, I was upset by the fact that I felt that my son was hiding something from me because of his cloudy texting although he assured me that he wasn't hiding anything.

We texted back and forth until I finally called him to have a real conversation. After some arguing and frustration, he and I cleared the air. He kept telling me that he didn't understand why it was a big deal that he was at the beach without an adult and he couldn't understand why I was so upset.

I explained myself again. I wasn't upset that he was at the beach adult-less, but I was upset by the fact that I felt that he hid it from me. I told him that next time I need very detailed information and that he will not be making any more plans this week. He still doesn't get it.

What is the point to all of this? Next time my son wants to go anywhere, he's going to have to call, unless her forgot how to.

Sometimes I hate texting.