God is Still Good

I watch a lot a baseball. I like watching baseball, but I'd would choose to watch other shows if I was given the option.

Since I live in a house with 4 boys who love to watch baseball, listening to the commentator's words reverberate off of my plaster walls is a common occurrence. I become involved in the game through some automatic force. That doesn't happen when I am watching soccer.

I've noticed that after a good play or hit, some of the players point to the sky, kiss their fingers and point to the sky or look up toward the sky. My assumption is that they are giving God the credit for their great play, hit, or running skills, or thanking Him, but I honestly don't know their motive.

My kids ask me if the players point to Heaven because they are Christians, I tell them that I cannot don't really know because I don't know the player's hearts. I don't know if they are Christ followers. I don't know them. What is implied isn't always the truth. Just like people who wear crosses around their necks don't necessarily make Christ the center of their lives.

One thing that I have noticed though is that I don't see any players pointing toward the sky, kissing their fingers and pointing to the sky, or looking up toward the heavens when they get tagged out, strike out, or make a bad play. Is God not awesome and worthy of praise in the disappointing moments? Is God not worthy of thanksgiving when we strike out in life.

I too am guilty of profusely thanking God when plans are successful, prayers are answered with a "yes," and when our my car is running low on gas and doesn't run out of gas. However, I'm not so generous with my thanksgiving when our bank account runs low, the brakes on my car begin to squeak, or my son breaks his arm for the third time, even though I should be.

God is still good no matter how I feel. God is still good no matter what situations arise in my life. God is still good when I hear disappointing news. No matter what, God is still good, and I need to be reminded of that constantly. Do you?